Will Furnell

Will Furnell

Developing for the Grid

Since getting access to the UK Grid, I've been starting to write some of my own software to run on it. Initially, I have been working on a simple analysis system, using lucid-utils for actual analysis, to run through a folder of XYC frames and output a CSV file that is similar to that of what TAPAS (https://starserver.thelangton.org.uk/tapas) produces - but designed for a much larger scale.

The system uses Ganga to easily submit jobs to the GridPP DIRAC instance, requiring you to only enter a ZIP path and a couple of other options. You can even submit a job with a 'one-liner' really easily!

The analysis software is avaliable on CVMFS at the following path:


It can also be found on Github: https://github.com/willfurnell/grid-analysis