Will Furnell

Will Furnell

SCSI2SD - an easier way


I got a SCSI2SD v5 board the other day for a Macintosh Quadra 700 as the original hard drive had finally died. Unfortunately this machine (at the moment) has basically no I/O - the floppy drive is not functioning properly and I do have a SCSI CD drive, but not SCSI1.

So... I needed a way...


TAPAS is the Timepix Analysis Platform at School and is a web platform I've been developing over the last couple of years for analysing radiation data from CERN's Timepix detectors. I originally developed it for my Extended Project Qualification but now have extended it massively.

TAPAS is now u...

Film Photography

I've been doing a lot more film photography recently, and have just done my first black and white developments!

You can see some of the photos that I've taken here: https://wills.photography

Here's one photo that I've developed - taken on Whitstable beach.

Developing for GridPP - grid-analysis

Developing for the Grid

Since getting access to the UK Grid, I've been starting to write some of my own software to run on it. Initially, I have been working on a simple analysis system, using lucid-utils for actual analysis, to run through a folder of XYC frames and output a CSV file that is simi...